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January 19, 2013 by Heather

It has been a CRAZY week. The last post I put up was about my boyfriend getting arrested and put in jail, that was the 17th. I was 4 days overdue, freaking out, alone and scared to death. Thankfully a mutual friend of ours really really saved our lives. He loaned me a whopping $7560 to get a lawyer the next day and then bailed him out of jail and seriously just in the nick of time because later that night I was put in the hospital and induced. This is my birth story:

It was a stressful night on the 17th, I had alot of contractions but nothing painful. I figured it was just all the stress that was making me have them. I was scheduled for an ob appointment the next day (the 18th) so I wasnt too worried. Then the next day I headed off to my ob appointment. I was 5 days overdue so I was set for 2 appointments a week and this was my second one. My appointment was going fine. I was still 2cm dilated, still 80% effaced and still -1/-2 station, so in other words no progress in the last 3 weeks. This was actually good news to me at the time because tim was still in jail and we were still trying to figure out how the heck to get him out. Then they hooked me up to the nst test and didnt like the results so they put me on for a total of 30 minutes. After the test they told me I had 5 contractions 3 minutes apart in the last 30 minutes and they were worried i was starting early labor even though they wernt at all painful yet, I felt them and they hurt a little but they wernt that bad, I mean I could still breathe and talk easily through them. I thought they were just braxton hicks contractions. So because of all this, they sent me over to the hospital to be evaluated for a while longer.

I was on the machines for about an hour and though no progress had been made the contractions and all seemed the same, they highly recommended I be induced that day rather than waiting a few days until my schedule “overdue induction”. I told them not unless I can get tim here. I called our friend that helped me get the lawyer and told him the situation and he told me he was on his way to bail tim out for me and he would bring him to the hospital. I waited a bit longer to decide but agreed it would be best for baby to come out now before we have any issues. The doctors came in and I told them I will do the induction but not until tim arrives. So they admitted me and we waited for him.

About an hour later tim arrived and we began the induction process at 7pm with the start of Pitocin. Contractions got stronger and stronger and they were especially bad in my back. I felt like I was struggling to breathe although they said I was breathing fine, I started to panic a little. My sinuses were swollen so i couldnt breathe out of my nose and I was breathing so heavily and deep through my mouth to me I felt like I was going to have an asthma attack. I asked for an oxygen mask, they said I didnt need it but gave it to me anyway. Though it may have been in my head, it made a big difference to me. They continued to increase the pitocin slowly and saw a few dips in my little ones heart rate but nothing too drastic.

Then at 10pm my water broke on its own. I was hoping for a “popping” noise but I didnt hear anything. I was laying on my side and then I felt a light trickling by my butt and then down my leg. I wasnt sure if I peed or if my water broke, I didnt feel like I peed so I told the nurse I think my water broke and she came over to check me. Yup my water YAY, well, almost yay. She said that the fluid was tinted which is a sign the baby passed some meconium while still inside and she was worried of aspiration so they told me immediately after hes delivered they will have to take him and have the pediatrician look at him ASAP, preferably before he takes his first breath and cries. Its only tinted so he has a good possibility that he is fine but just in case they need to check him out, knowing this made me especially happy that I decided on the induction right away instead of waiting.

The contractions really started going crazy after my water broke. They increased in frequency and pain and were all back labor which was awful. They tried increasing pitocin but the baby’s heart dipped so they put it back where it was. Then at midnight I caved and asked for a light pain medication. They said the first hour after an epidural is pain free so I really wanted to wait until absolutely necessary to get one. They started injecting the first half of the medicine during a contraction then when the next contraction hit they started the rest of the medicine and before it was even all the way injected I stopped her and told her I need the epidural now, its way too strong. She called the doctor and checked me. I had jumped to 8cm 100% and +1. Thank god I had enough time to get it. So finally pain free I was able to get some good sleep.

She woke me at 3am and checked me and I was dilated to 10 and 100% effaced, i was good to go. She let me try pushing but it wasnt doing any good for the first few times because my epidural was taking all the sensation away so they lowered the epidural and then had to do it again and again and we slept while we waited for it to take effect. The feelings of the contractions were back and painful. I started pushing again and his heart rate kept wanting to dip when I was pushing. Though I was trying really hard, I just couldnt get his head to drop below my pelvic bone to get him out. They told me that he is faced up which is part of why he isnt dropping on his own and with his heart rate keep wanting to drop they decided that forceps are our next best option.

At 5 they started the forceps, oh my god was that painful. I was not expecting it to feel that way at all. She tried for 15 minutes but still no luck. My little one was not doing good with all the contractions and the forceps so she explained as fast as possible, we need to do an emergency csection. The whisked me away to the operating room and then after everything was prepped, a mere 3 minutes and *poof* he was out, crying and beautiful. My little one was born January 19th, 2013 at 5:29 AM. He weighed 7lbs 14oz and measured 21 inches long. I was 40+6 that day and incredibly grateful for the induction. This was by far the scariest and best day of my life.

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