My Finished Nautical Nursery


January 9, 2013 by Heather

So I am very excited to say we have finally finished our son’s nursery. I am 39+3 today and eagerly waiting for his arrival. Here is our finished room.

Nursery Room



Whats in the pictures and where to get them:

Nautica William Set including quilt, bumper, sheets, skirt, window valances, area rug, decorative pillow, diaper stacker, musical mobile, wall border (buybuybaby, ebay, amazon, craigslist)

Graco Woodbridge 4-1 Crib and Changing Table Combo with Bundled Lajobi Mattress (walmart $189)

Ikea Poang Chair and Ottoman (ikea $100)

Essential Home 4 Drawer Dresser (kmart $40)

Cloth Bins (walmart $10)

Tiddliwinks Sailboat Canvas Pictures (ebay)

Piggy Banks (Babies R Us $15)

White Shelves, Sailboat Figure, Diaper Genie, and toys (craigslist)

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2 thoughts on “My Finished Nautical Nursery

  1. Becky says:

    Wow…this looks straight out of a magazine! Gorgeous….mine will probably look nothing like that since im not creative lol but it will have all the necessities. Is that chair comfortable?

    • Heather says:

      Thanks! I know I thought it looked like a magazine too lol. Honestly, Im not at all creative when it comes to home decorating. What really made it all look amazing was that it all matched. I attempted to buy everything from a select bedding collection, the Nautica Kids William Collection which is unfortunately discontinued now.

      I really like the poang ikea chair (NOT the pello chair, big difference but looks very similar)
      I think it is comfortable, not super soft glider comfortable but stable good back support comfortable. If you want more cushion you can make a new cover or cushion, check out this amazing blog post on it

      The chair also bounces so I can rock my little one in it. They dovhave a poang rocking chair but budget wise i would still go with the original poang. It is also very light weight and the cushions are replaceable and come off for easy cleaning.

      Another important feature about the chair is that it is actually pretty wide. Most ikea stuff seems too compact but this is wide enough for a heavier set adult and can withstand a good amount of weight. Plus they have cute matching childrens poangs which are pretty cool too.

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